fudamental – multicam????

19 04 2007

MultiCam is a modern multi-environment camouflage pattern developed by Crye Associates in conjunction with U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (also known as U.S Army Natick labs). Crye Associates does not currently have a contract to produce MultiCam for any US military service, but MultiCam is featured heavily in the U.S. Army “Future Force Warrior” program, and can be seen in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, gee my utmost favourite xbox game ever


us army fcs program promotion footage – full suit in multicam

19 04 2007

Headknocking, thrilled, kinda hollywood style promotional footage, full set of multicam gear-up and action.


 http://www4.army.mil/amp/common/ … imovieid=451&f=

More shots of – fcw muliticam gear testing by us army

19 04 2007

fact tells, let the picutres speak for themselves to you

untitled9.jpg untitled8.jpg untitled5.jpg untitled6.jpg untitled29.jpg untitled17.jpg untitled10.jpg untitled18.jpg untitled25.jpg untitled13.jpg  untitled12.jpg  untitled3.jpg

untitled27.jpg  untitled28.jpg untitled7.jpg 

US Army did have formally tested the usage of multicam

18 04 2007


Natick actually did camo trials for the future warrior system from 2002 to 2004. Although the winner of the trials was Desert Brush, the Contractor Developed Mod (Multicam) was in the final four. UCP is amusingly only in the background of the trials powerpoint.

Official documentation about multicam testing could be downloaded from here

beware, this file detailedly reporting the test of multicam is really big, 2MG


Starting my mc life

18 04 2007

Everything starts from ghost recon, the xbox game; adding a bit life-long influce of my military re-enactment hobby that had filled quite of my life during free time. Multicam, developed by Crye Precision, casted quite of an big influence to my life.

Dedicated this blog as a record of my kinda rentlenless pursuit of multicam gear collection and studies, together with some interesting experience of my re-enacement asscociated with some of my friends that I am priviledged to associate with.

Snaps of my multicam collection photos. Later then wish me could spare more time to consolidate my research and mere comment on the stuff I came across with.

Crye for life, fire of life


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