More Coming – Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis Replica

17 08 2007

Just found another replica possibly produced in Korea, not more bull shit, check it out here….

d56038_0181.jpg  e56038_020.jpg  f56038_021.jpg  g56651_014.jpg gd240_c56038_019.jpg h56651_015.jpg

 afterall, really a Transfromer Effect….Let me try to get more shots of the movie here like this one


New Gen. Crye Precision Armor/Combat Suits Again – US Army Soldier Modernization Day Expo

13 08 2007

From Military Photos

US Army Sgt. Josh Deveraux adjusts his Future Force Warrior high-tech combat outfit during the US Army Soldier Modernization Day expo in the Rayburn House Office Building June 6, 2007 in Washington, DC. The Future Force Warrior integrates GPS, advanced communications, body armor and other computer systems to help coordinate ground troops, aircraft and vehicles in the field. The expo displayed weapons, clothing, body armor and combat rations that are on the cutting edge of military technology.

 74418054cn0.jpg        74417865sl1.jpg

Look at the armor’s shoulder section, pretty much like the one displayed in 2007 shotshow.

New generation multicam combat suit and pant. Tan color in the middle section, more flexible material used. Just I still can’t figure out what brands of those pouches. With such new (economic design), plus more and more official testing and exhibition and presentation of the material, I would dobut that MC might really able to replace ACU??? I wish so

The most serious crye precision multicam gear infringement in history

13 08 2007

Speechless….I was checking a forum last night, got a thread talking about another case of infringement of crye precision’s legendary armor chasis…I followed the link, once bursting out and got my falling off from the chair is a 99% clone…

 Three pictures as attached were found. It was posted in a Yahoo Taiwan blog, (!9FB.d_aUHxQVpGVuEVaDVYBMa0I-/), founded by a Taiwan Airsoft Gear Manufactuer Company called Focus Shop (in Chinese named as 傲骨工坊 with address and contact  04-25585438 located at 421台中縣后里鄉內東路232號 ).

Digging further this company also has its Yahoo Auction/Shop running with quite of many items selling on Yahoo Auction Taiwan ( Quite of the many there got lots of gears for sales. Pretty sure some are clone/replica of some famous gear brands.

Rurmor of this piece had been widely spreaded in many European and Asian forums. Got a friend in U.S. in particular emailed me about a company called Dirty Dagger, which might be the ‘producer/creator’ of this replica. Heard that this Dirty Dagger produced lots of custom gear on Ebay auction, me also kinda had a friend who might shopped a custom multicam notebook case from it. Will dig more up for your guys.

 Back to the clone, it is undoubtedly it resembles to the real deal with more than 90%. Just some highlight for the difference

1) Shoulder Pad, obviously this is not the Gen 1 version. I saw a FCS promotion video which actors/soliders gearingo a ACU pattern armor with shoulder pattern pretty much like this one.

2) Lining. From the photo you should tell that the lining of the armor (which bind the back pannel together with the shoulde strap) is different to the real deal. The real one should have metal wiring with plastic cover warpping up but this one seem to me, from the photo, uses some simple cord lining.

 So far I just noticed these two difference, well, if I could have chance to dig deeper to this case, I would report to you guys later.

 ap_20070713113932729.jpg ap_20070713113936286.jpg ap_20070713113939308.jpg

Crye Precision Multicam Gear Official field Test (Phase Two FCS)

7 08 2007

what can I say? so many multicam gears, armor travelling all around ( I wish I could have one). Great gear, great test, phase 2 FCS field test combined with both hardware and software, full grown concept of fighting while staying connected everytime.

Full bunches of armor chasis, range vest, combat suits, what can I say. US Army is really something, so resourcesful, meticulous on testing. 360 handset control (well as a diehard fan of GRAW, more than thrilled to see this handset was used on the field), any MUE and STORM behind the cam?

Second Generation Crye Precision Multicam Gear (Armor & Combat Suits) – Glance@ 2007 shot whow

6 08 2007

no chance to go to shotshow…so leaving me crazily searchng over the net before, during and after each year shotshow. This year the same, got some web glance for this great piece. Originally from a web streaming footage, forgot the name (sorry). Anyhow, this great piece is accordingly, the second generation covers:1. New Combat Shirt and Pant ; and 2. New Design of the legndary Armor Chassis.

For  The New Gen Combat Shirt/Pants

– Fabric changed, more elastic material used (in fact, the actual prototype of 2nd generation combat shirt/pant was tested during a Marine field test…actually got recorded in Future Weapons (Discovery Channel). This one was firstly seen by the media/participants in 2007 shotshow. Surely to me this is a cost-driven production, leaving the complicated 3D design and the large long zipper of Gen I combat pant aside (useless, I can tell you it won’t help you much during your backyard EMERGENCY!). But seemingly this one should be more flexible, especially when bending and kneeling (the Gen 1 pant iconic keenpad is so large, when you keen and bend forward it would pull the fabric so tight alongside the knee section).

 Also near the waist side, the flexible design might get the user a more comfortable feel. BTW, the tan color tone should help CP to bid in the US tender (if any) with a more compatitive and less controversial pricing.

 2) For the chassis

Surely the dissapperance of the thick rubber shoulder pad finally gone with the wind (so sad). In exchange, a ligher weight, more diamond shaped, and should be more ‘CIRAS’ like vest was developed. Seeeming the previous mid-century knight’s armor kinda design was replaced with a more modern, and should I say conventional (nowadays) structual design. Might be the ventilation concept was gone, in exchange a more ligher (the real Gen 1 is quite heavy, to me) and above all, less pricely loading platform was born. Some hereasy that might be a civilian version, well..(I c many us marines in Transformer geared up so cool to fight against the evil robot…).

Well, the truth is always out there…in the future

 chasis01.jpg  chasis02.jpg chasis02a.jpg  chasis03.jpg


combatpantsgen2eb6.jpg new-combat-pant01.jpg new-combat-pant01a.jpg

 new-combat-pant2.jpg new-combat-pant4.jpg

Multicam EVAC…

1 08 2007

Lately gotta move out to rennovate my shabby apartment, those MC gear showed their they did worth a penny. Coming really handy and with giant volume, especially Eagle Sigma, seem like never can fill it up then (I got a firend who can load up with more than 1000 CD, but can u lift it up and travel firmly….)

 AIII is okay, but wanna have a raid, the Eagle Delux Shooter Bag also help quite a lot…