Crye Precision Multicam Watertranplant

27 09 2007

Speechlessly beautiful, even with Crye Precision Logo, cool. (Borrow from a webmate, gret pics WebD)

p90-001.jpg p90-002.jpg mcg36b.JPG

Another is a great built of G36. (oh no, my plan gotta change then)

I must march on the double to figure out what model I could build…

First Time Ever…Crye Precision Multicam Virgin Field Test by…in 2005

27 09 2007

Spare me to record the moments purely by visual

pac-first-mc.jpg imgp2417.jpg imgp2420.jpg imgp2421.jpg

 imgp2434.JPG imgp2448.jpg imgp2441.jpg imgp2435.jpg 

imgp2446.jpg imgp2459.JPG imgp2460.jpg

Aged Old Crye Precision Multicam Collection: HSGI Wasach and bunches of Pouches

25 09 2007


Again, long gone from me…so for a recod to myself

The first tactical vest I have with Crye Precision Multicam Camo is from HSGI (highspeedgear inc). It’s the Wasach Plate Carrier. I would say, it’s still one of the comfortable vest I could ever have chance to try on. Mine was a gen.1 version, back to almost 3 years ago (to come). (Let me try to get back my old pics to check check the date)

Accompanied with are:

TT Universial Pouche


TT Fast Response

Eagle Drop Leg Dump

EGL admin

HSGI pistol

Well, on the road to consolidate my collection, most of them got nicely adopted by my friend HELPSOS, really wish to have a chance to take some new pics with him later.

Amongst most of the Crye Precision Multicam Camo item I have been collecting, I love the laptop case much. It’s from Ebay (probably the ‘reknown’ replica chasis maker Dirty Dagger. Not sure, cause it’s not purchased directly by myself). It’s rather ‘thin’, no padding. But the stiching is okay, solid. Cool for casusal wear (good for those Mil Fashion junkie) Afterall, nicely crafted. I would say, the outlook and size might be better than TT’s laptop case.

Least to mention, those around are little gagdet pouches, well fit for a small Motorola Radio or mobile phone or DC, the other is kinda like a mouse pouche (according to a writen note inserted in the writen case as a ‘product spec’.

Anyway, off to go, cool ya

The very origin of my Crye Precision Multicam Quest…

25 09 2007

It’s because these, I guess from this possible promo shots, bingo, I got the MC shot.

Ever wondering I could locate such a great helmet, the chassis and even the prototype rifle designed also by Crye…gee…when could my quest get to the end??

  tom-clancys-ghost-recon-advanced-warfighter-20060210052144755.jpg tom-clancys-ghost-recon-advanced-warfighter-20060210052149458.jpg

Aged Old Collection: Crye Precision + Paracelte RAV ; and Eagle Universial Chest Rig

25 09 2007

Well before I could get myself a multicam vest, did have tried to use my Paracelte RAV as a base for setting before. Yes, I picked the idea from Endom’s promo. still shot on their web, so here is my version..

Consider this is almost 3 years ago, I would say, it’s just barely okay now…


Crye Base Ball Cap

EGL Furgy admin

HSGI pistol pouches

HSGI universial pouches

Endom M4 Double Double

TT Fast Response

TT vertical

HSGI Hydration 

ICE tactical belt



On field with my buddy ussocom and rest of my hardcore friends, well it’s been almost 3 years…


Some comment

– RAV is such a great and comfortable piece, really wanna find one in Multicam

– HSGI u-pouche line is so great, fair priced, hi-cap, rock-solid for field use with is buckle design. Out look well, up to your personal taste.

– I tried to shape HSGI hydration before, make it like the Crye Chasis backpannel, hahah, so you can say, with lots of potential to develop. Ops/ICE are okay, but to me, Eagle MAP is pretty a good choice.

Eagle Industries: Multicam Universial Chest Rig


Quit like the LBT iconic chest rig 1961A, simple rigid, compact, all-on-one, purely for flexibility and agility. Comfortable shoulder strap, balanced with, 2-4 pistol with 8 m4 mag cap (can install AK mag in fact), more for com set. Fair price and good choice for real aciton. Yet…hahah, gone with the wind to me.

One funny thing to note here is that. (well surely on my mere observation…), the ‘style’ of taking pics from angle that can’t see the user face, or should I say the way to post the gear, guns, cap or so to block out subject’s face is kinda hot amongst a few of hobbies groups once I loadded up these pics. Interesting indeed.

Turning Crye Precision Field Pant into ‘Combat Pant’

25 09 2007

Yes, it’s stupid, but well befor I could get myself the 3rd set of combat pant, I would love to use my imagination and my mother’s sewing skills. Yest, just out fun, so you can see it kinda works somehow. Aged old poorly shot pics, spare with me please.

     imgp3248.jpg  imgp3249.jpg

 imgp3258.jpg imgp3254.jpg  imgp3251.jpg  


Yahoo to Multicamaddict

24 09 2007

Another amazing story about the power of Internet! Remember the ‘team execution’ video earlier covered herein the blog from Youtube, here and then bumping me towards to the great team of UK multicamaddict, got some new friend and saw more great pics, I got some new friends then. Cool

 With their cosent, herein allow me to present you their wonderful thematic portrait, to me, simply headknocking