Grand Finale – Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version)

16 11 2007

I got it, I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it!!!!

Yes, my quest on the road of Crye Precision Multicam Collection ends with the perfect note! I got the Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version).

“The road is long, and many winding turns”, man, I barely wanna cry now!!!!!

Don’t ask me how much, don’t ask me how I get it, don’t ask me how many cheats and lies there are within and beyond, don’t ask me! From the very begining to now, just a simple whims, in between, so many shitty ups and downs, I realize a much more deeper thing behind the whole quest chassing after this little dream. I made some new friend, some bad friends, some jerks and some real geardos….

But somehow, I need to thank you my gf, without her, I simply won’t be able to go for this quest.

Just taking some casual shots, later than to get some serious posting.

Share to all who love this great piece.


dsc01036.jpg dsc01037.jpg  dsc01042.jpg 

dsc01043.jpg dsc01041.jpg

Secret Revaled: Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger

1 11 2007

All I can say is, this is highly impossible! For the overall structure, the replica is almost the same as the real one (though I don’t have one!) So what? I have been living with the real one’s pictures almost every day ever since it came to haunt my mind, my soul!

Cut the crap, let’s move on…

dsc01052.jpg dsc01050.jpg dsc01046.jpg dsc01047.jpg dsc01051.jpg

1) Let’s look at the internal compartment first. 8 pieces of inner padding! Same as real. Just a glance you wont’ be able to tell those tinny little contour of the padding is actually crafted by stiching. Must have lots of work done there. Though unlike the real one crafted by some, well, natural forming molding work or as said by one of my friend, using ultra sound to shape the inner plastic foam to build it, the internal compartment of this replica does impress me.

2) Further, take a look of the inner wiring. Unlike the real one which has certain individual plastic ‘8’ shapped wiring-locking device holding all the wire and bungee lining in place for flexibility adjustment, this pieces used a, rather low-ended, nylon-buckle, to replicating the function of that black plastic lock. Well for a replica…can’t expect much….(or never can expect at all)

3)Look  at the black pannel, there got a strange label. Not DD, it is ‘Specgear’. Not sure what’s all about!.

4) Here comes the front pannel then, oh, QD plastic lock. Quite impressive, it can really move right or left, the little nylot belt firmly slotting in the the gap of the plastic lock holding it tight and right. But the color is not the “FDE” as the real deal, so much so, it’s pretty close.

5) Note the little black label on the front pannel plate pocket, this is, accordingly, a signature label of DD (but I got other gears from DD without this label, those, on the other hands, with clear characters of ‘made by dirty dagger’).

6) The shoulder pad! Gen 2, prototype, or whatsoever, I don’t know. I just know this ‘DD” armor’s shoulder pad, impressed me much. Compared back with the snaps taken from FCS promo. or illustration clip, it’s pretty much the same. Touch it, look at it, I do think the material is quite close to the real deal. Surely again I don’t own the genuine, but I think, this piece, is stunningly too close to the real one.

Afterwards, I do think this replica, should be copied from the real one. I meant, the guy who make this must have a real Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis on hand or, he must have some detail design or parts illustration.

Well, enough eye-ball actitivities, let me try to gear on it later to let myself feel about it


Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger – Followed

1 11 2007

 3c35_1.jpg This is the picture! Accordingly he got this from DD’s Ebay online store which was listed originally for selling the shoulder armor protector replica, but this pic with clear watermark unleased he got the replica vest for sales (surely coming then many fellas got the replica armor from around the globe)

I am trying to borrow from my friend, which accordingly, he also got one from UK. Later then i will try to cover more detail if I got it.

Another hearsay is that, DD had changed names and brand to keep working on the project, but no confirmation so far.