Grand Finale – Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version)

16 11 2007

I got it, I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it!!!!

Yes, my quest on the road of Crye Precision Multicam Collection ends with the perfect note! I got the Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version).

“The road is long, and many winding turns”, man, I barely wanna cry now!!!!!

Don’t ask me how much, don’t ask me how I get it, don’t ask me how many cheats and lies there are within and beyond, don’t ask me! From the very begining to now, just a simple whims, in between, so many shitty ups and downs, I realize a much more deeper thing behind the whole quest chassing after this little dream. I made some new friend, some bad friends, some jerks and some real geardos….

But somehow, I need to thank you my gf, without her, I simply won’t be able to go for this quest.

Just taking some casual shots, later than to get some serious posting.

Share to all who love this great piece.


dsc01036.jpg dsc01037.jpg  dsc01042.jpg 

dsc01043.jpg dsc01041.jpg



8 responses

16 11 2007

gawd damn! nice one dude!

16 11 2007

You are now God!

19 11 2007

thx my friend, thx for your flattering complement of granting the God title to me, thx thx

10 12 2007

hail!!!….u are the actrees transformer movieeesss!~!!

1 03 2008

uh…my friend got one as well….probably because his dad works for the you know who. ^_^ gonna nab me one for sure.

3 03 2008

can you post some more pics? your so lucky

12 03 2008

men, help me( i want this armor:( but very difficult orders him…i’m from Russia 😦

6 09 2008
Mike J

Hi Guys, I’m hoping someone can assist me. I am a contractor working in Iraq for the COE. I have heard so much about this system and for obvious reasons I would like to purchase it. As I’m not in the US military unfortunately, I am unable to purchase directly, can anyone offer advice?

Kind Regards

Mike J

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