Gear Up – Crye Multicam Armor Casual Mount Up

1 12 2007

Working on for rennovation project….a fxxking mess but finally seeing some light now…wish me luck.

 Most stuff are in warehouse now, so just can causally load it up for some fun for my own amusement only. (Gee…when can I get back my gear…my home…)

Amazingly light weight, for I haven’t got my sapi plate loaded in the pockets, agile, flexible, what da comfortable pieces. Sad I can’t get my tan 553 back or ….my beloved ta31 ecos…anyway, just to share guys

p1010888.jpg  p1010901.jpg  p1010918.jpg p1010917.jpg 



11 responses

10 12 2007


i want it to…so long time iwanna it..i wanna!!!!

8 01 2008

I find it a little disturbing that you managed to get your hands on a carrier reserved for the military and law enforcement, as that means that either someone who may need it is going without, or else others who may have the wrong intentions with one would have a way to get it.

25 01 2008

sorry if you might feel disturbing. Glad that I know the very piece is totally straight, meaning it’s never intended for L/M at all.

28 03 2008

Hello guy,
i see that your equipment is really the bestai never seen before!!!
Good! 😉

ps. can i have one of the chassis too? Where? Thx guy!

28 03 2008

What size SAPI plates does that vest use? Large or Medium? Curious…

26 05 2008

This is a reproduction right?

6 06 2008

I am afraid not my friend

28 12 2008

Do you know where I can get my hands on cyre precision gear? I’m serving in Iraq as we speak, and the gear the army issued us is terrible. I haven’t had any luck getting through to cryre, via their email or phone, even when I email from my military acc. If anyone knows a way to reach them or a dealer who’s selling crye gear please let me know. Thanks (

19 01 2009

to my mere knowledge, contact crye directly with your unit identification and/or with your officer’s justification, then usually as I heard could come quite straightly easy (as quoted). Or in case you need, I might refer a friend who might be able to help…Go to multicam addict forum, find the user Irag Ninja, pm him to further your request then.

All the best and good luck

15 01 2009

Mcpacman, Very nice gears you have. =)

19 01 2009

thx man, wish I can collect more then…

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