My new home, so to my guns

23 01 2008

Finally finally moved back to my shabby nest, after all those ups and downs , shit and sweat, and lots of money my dear, finally finally I got my place back from the sucker…

 No more rounding to the circle, here are couple of shots which my guns finally got their place to show off. Yes yes yes, those are nothing too complete for much of my stuff still unpacked, but the effect is still okay to me, at least everytime when I come back to my nest, I will still turn the light on and salute to these hybrid for quite some while.

 Again, thx for my gf, without her, my guns can’t find this lovely shinny place to have their humble existence.


 p1020233.jpg p1020239.jpg

 p1020242.jpg p1020243.jpg p1020245.jpg



4 responses

25 01 2008

it seems very good wo! when will be the first gathering in there le?

25 01 2008

anytime la my friend, how about anytime next Fri? Give me a call and we two go beer beer, let me arrange

18 12 2008

Ur gay those are just airsoft, if you wanna be a soldier join the marines and stop playin with toys

19 01 2009

Good that if I could got that honour and chances. People have different paths of their life, I don’t regret and simply can’t chose to regret then be it sticking on my own with respect and love to those around. Say me navie or what but that’s what I practice and belive. No offense to any of those giving out their blood and sweat for the great goods in the army, might by hobbies and toys making any offense to you and then sorry is all I can say…

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