From tactical to fashion – new line of crye precision multicam collection (Gregory Spear Series in Crye multicam)

6 10 2008

Have you ever felt that all those tactical gear quite heavy for normal daily use? 1000D codura is bit heavy if you load them on your shoulder no matter that’a a Eagle 3 day pack, Sigma, or even Sotech Go bag? That’s why 500D comes to my attention, from the SPEAR series of Gregory outdoor (or streetwear in fact).

All made in USA, but strangely I got the label with Japanese character printed there on. I picked the frag pocket and sling bag. Cause the helmet and the backpack were kinda ‘redunant in my colleciton’. Talking about the backpack, I saw a girl loading it up walking so cool last night. Gee, better ran ahead of her to check out her face…mc lovers? Pretty I wished 😛

The sling bag, suprisingly coming along with some black zipping ‘locker’. Quite rigid in the overall structure, a back pannel supporting the entire shape of the bag. Quite handy for walking and shopping, can insert a normal size notebook computer. Two layers of comparment in general, the first one facing the cover got some more small gadget storage compartment design. Oh top of the cover 10×2 (VxH) molle are ready for your extra mounting, such as, my frag pocket

Perfect for travelling, loading in some wallet, dc, passport of so, the frag pocket comes with an extra sling. Again with some 3×2 (VXH) molle for you to load up some smaller gadget pouche/pocket (either from Gregory or other branded molle pouches).



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