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am..still not sure who I really am, might I be quite twisted in my 5 pound universe, always having trouble to really actualize me the who? Having quite of a family ties with sort of local militia, having listened many interesting fire-arms stuff from my upper bloodlines, given many first-of-my-life experience rounding with military elements (first toy rifle, first movie about WWII), I just love ‘military’, yet blended with my other half of generic inheritage I am also deeply invloved in many ‘creative activities’….

 Anyway, this is about my mc life, so I would rather keep it dedicated part of the ‘ME’ which was seized by multicam virus.

Crye for life, fire of life

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17 04 2008


I am a big fan of MC and CP just like yourself, although I have just started the craze recently. From the looks of it you’re located in HK? I’m interested in getting my hands on some gear if you have any to spare, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m in the neighbourhood, so please do write me an email. Thanks!


21 05 2008

Hi Ben
Need you assist to get MC replicas of chassis
please mail me


6 06 2008

Hi there

I am afraid I can’t help u on that.

19 12 2008

Jealous of you collection PacMan, trying to start my own for play and work. Good luck to you, hope you put it to good use.


19 01 2009

You two man, let’s exchange more information later then.

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