Another nightmare begins….2009 SHOT Show (Crye Precision Gen 2)

19 01 2009

I followed closely on the shotshot…via the web (gee..should I have chance to visit there this year..but lifetime even underplanning and …underspending :P, so gotta let go…)

But my research on the event comes in two big time nightmare to revive my passion on the ends….Crye GEN 2..

From a tactical testing, I found this one  (all credit to Tactical Testing)






From gunshowreview…damn…OD, Black, KT…gen 2….





What could I say…..


Crye Gen 1 Armor on ‘my field’

2 08 2008


room clearing

room clearing

Having a dry fire drill with my team, Cap. Alan and few of my core mates trying to practice more on room clearing moves and, surely with some pics taken for our own memorior. In fact, first time for me to gear it up on a rush load-up at night, light as blezze and its ventilation design together with combat shirt function truly reflect that’s a total knock-out of traditional armor design…can’t wondering, if Dragon skin crosses over with crye armor…

Cap alan and I
Cap alan and I


Crye Precision Multicam Help Fighting the bad robot

21 09 2007

Yes yes, borrowed the words from crye precision website. Just found some nice movie screen shot (or production shot should I say). Well, I wish I could be join the production, just be some John-Doe, allow me gearing up those stuff, running fast in the desert. Oh no, the chasis, good old chassis, when could I have my hands on you….

Look at those magazine pouches, still not sure what brand they are, not really Eagle and Endom, still not sure, a puzzle….

On the left a bunch of, well, combat suit like folks, not acu, not black swat, but knee pad on the pant, gen.2 like armor, cool ya

As for the setting of Crye Precision Ranger Vest with SO-TEC Go Bag, surely captured lots of Crye’s fans’ heart. So much so the price of the Go Bag also got up and up and up and up…(crazy; yet, surely not as crazy as the price of Crye Precision Combat Pant…up to US$900 on eBay…what a world…)

image-83415-546566-t_37757.jpg image-83415-546603-t_27363.jpg transformers.jpg tra2.jpg

 t-00394__scaled_600.jpg  t-26409-edit__scaled_600.jpg