Latest Accquistion – OTTE Multicam Softshell Jacket

18 05 2008

       Having dropped quite a while for the search of multicam gear, thought the rush good fall short for sure…(except gen 2 armor and appareal…), suddenly got a call from my geat gear associate from Magpul PTS, ‘hay man, u want this….”..Freak….mc softshell….how could I miss then…

3 years ago when I got into this toxic mc magic…ve been looking for a good outdoor jacket…Dropzone? Tru Spec? ICE? So many choise my none still could my mind determined to hold one tight. A year ago my friend helpsos got one OTTE hardshell from eBay…but still feel like kina ‘sureal’ for its color not really my cup of tea (hardshell, fabric must be more densed and coated I guess, so leaving it quite of matty that drive my mind away). But this, my friends, simply irresistable!!!

This one from Otte, to me just simply quite of a beauty! Not even my friend really wanna passed it on to me huhhuh! From the first look of the color it already hold your eyes staring at it. Cutting is simply flawlessly to criticise, to the mere me I could say it might be the best one in the market which could really tackle to the harsh and demanding volitale actions you r gonna count on your outfit. Especially the diagonnal stiching on the back, which I would say it’s kinda like a singature of OTTE shofshell (according to Militarymoron there got another name as Alpine Jacket).

So my tinny little review with pics…on to go

The material, as shown in the lable, combined various kinda ‘new tech’ materials. Tweave Durastretch as the under layer. That is a coyote-coloured lining material with thin grey bands and lining, which comes here again with something called X-Static fibers.. More about that Durastretch fabric which has something called Nanosphere DWR coating from Schoeller, should be able to give some compatable water resistance function of the jacket. Though I haven’t really got it a wild wet dril but i think it should hold water up on it, pretty much I would expect it could out perform my PCU. (Gee, that would be the first of my cloth in my closet with nanotechnology…:P. Accordingly, the nano tech coating should be able to form a fine layer on the textile or fabric surface.  Further it should be more easily for cleaning as oil or those kinda staint like stuff could be easily cleaned or rinsed by water.  Further down to the tech , the fabric should be highly abrasion resistance. For specificatoin and characteristic could be found on the labels of the outfit I am gonna show u later (gee, a bunch of tags/labels are coming with this jacket…really a techno combo of modern textile and clothing engineering I guess)

I rather like to have a mc jacket not for real heavy duty action but for casul cool outfit for life indeed. That’s why I keep my hands off to many well-made brands with design and fucntion strongly focus on this area. This OTTE shoftshell just gives me what I want exactly. Its’ hood is built in, can be rolled up and stored inside the collar, quite of a high-rise one which I like most. (Tell me that’s something most of the male fashion jacket is on the hype for).  It is not with zipper but on small tips of verclo, very good to me cause fast and flexible.  You might find the hood a bit small, wearing with a cap inside or under helmet might be better. But for the big builds with possible big smart head, this might come a bit smally.

There are  2 side entrey chest pockets and 2 sleeve pockets. No complaint at all. Handy, easily accessible. zipper runs smooth and nicely.  Two velcro patches on upper sleeve pockets for you to attach whatsoever ID, patches or gadget you fans for. The elbow part should be refinorced, thicker but won’t cause u too much unecessary tension during action. The wrist cuffs are on elastic tab, again, quite of a normal and default detail for every great piece of outdoor jacket I guess. Afterall, it’s a shoftshell, waterproof function with cuffing zealing tabs is a for-sure.

So, just to show some label first, more pics coming




couple more products shots from OTTE


Secret Revaled: Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger

1 11 2007

All I can say is, this is highly impossible! For the overall structure, the replica is almost the same as the real one (though I don’t have one!) So what? I have been living with the real one’s pictures almost every day ever since it came to haunt my mind, my soul!

Cut the crap, let’s move on…

dsc01052.jpg dsc01050.jpg dsc01046.jpg dsc01047.jpg dsc01051.jpg

1) Let’s look at the internal compartment first. 8 pieces of inner padding! Same as real. Just a glance you wont’ be able to tell those tinny little contour of the padding is actually crafted by stiching. Must have lots of work done there. Though unlike the real one crafted by some, well, natural forming molding work or as said by one of my friend, using ultra sound to shape the inner plastic foam to build it, the internal compartment of this replica does impress me.

2) Further, take a look of the inner wiring. Unlike the real one which has certain individual plastic ‘8’ shapped wiring-locking device holding all the wire and bungee lining in place for flexibility adjustment, this pieces used a, rather low-ended, nylon-buckle, to replicating the function of that black plastic lock. Well for a replica…can’t expect much….(or never can expect at all)

3)Look  at the black pannel, there got a strange label. Not DD, it is ‘Specgear’. Not sure what’s all about!.

4) Here comes the front pannel then, oh, QD plastic lock. Quite impressive, it can really move right or left, the little nylot belt firmly slotting in the the gap of the plastic lock holding it tight and right. But the color is not the “FDE” as the real deal, so much so, it’s pretty close.

5) Note the little black label on the front pannel plate pocket, this is, accordingly, a signature label of DD (but I got other gears from DD without this label, those, on the other hands, with clear characters of ‘made by dirty dagger’).

6) The shoulder pad! Gen 2, prototype, or whatsoever, I don’t know. I just know this ‘DD” armor’s shoulder pad, impressed me much. Compared back with the snaps taken from FCS promo. or illustration clip, it’s pretty much the same. Touch it, look at it, I do think the material is quite close to the real deal. Surely again I don’t own the genuine, but I think, this piece, is stunningly too close to the real one.

Afterwards, I do think this replica, should be copied from the real one. I meant, the guy who make this must have a real Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis on hand or, he must have some detail design or parts illustration.

Well, enough eye-ball actitivities, let me try to gear on it later to let myself feel about it


2nd generation Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis

28 10 2007

Thx for Mr. gunfighter from multicamadict pointing me to check on time from Militaryphotos, I was shocked!. Not because I haven’t been onto the news, pics about the story of new generation (or second gen. you might like to say) Crye Precision Armor system, it’s simply because this is the first time with such kinda clarity and detailed pictures protraying the gen. 2 armor well before anything official publicized from Crye.

Not more mumbo, shoot you the pics from militarphoto first

originaleu0.jpg 87798017yw4.jpg 87798021zw1.jpg

87798024lk5.jpg 87798031fc6.jpg

As suggested by the folks in militaryphotos forum, these pics got none of Crye Precision’s Multicam branded plastic tag, and, you may argue also, there got little green Crype Precision label too, so it’s not real? Well I can’t tell for sure at this moment (or at anymoment?!)But what I wanna say is, these pics seems to me this 2nd gen piece does follow the line and direction from gen 1, improvement was made on a few feature I personally feel so, such as…
– the use of plastic buckle to hold the shoulder band and the two (right/left) back pannel, rather using back the metal ‘tag’ or ‘nail’ make it more resillent and solid
– no more qd socket lock pannel used, replacing with verlco either can reduce the ‘mis’ compoent, or somehow leaving lesser weight? Compared with gen 1, 1 thread of wire, the plastic socket and lock, and the adjustable lining thread all got taken out– the extra ‘molle’ on the inner part of the back pannel, right on the middle of the adjustable lining system, now provides a mid-section holding mechanism to balance out the possible unecessary wavery of the left/right pannel, stablizing the entire system?!

– the use of cumberband, extending from the inner slot of the right/left side plate elongating back to front cover slip, giving the vest with more ‘grip’ to hold the left and right section for users with more forward ‘holding/tightening force’, so much so, it won’t rock like hell as in the movie of Transformer?

– take out the metal ‘buckle’ for the front/back plate pocket, lessening the overall weight?

– the shoulder pad, with the use of inner nylon belt attaching from below, leaving it maintained with the flexibility the original armor shoulder design wishes to provide but more easier to gear up now?

– just noted that the internal black ‘wiring-spacer’ nylon thread is built as a one large piece, unlike the gen. 1 which were crafted as individual little threading; surely another cost-control adjustment

Below are pics from ShotShow this year (2007), I think the displayed one is the same of above.

mc5.jpg mc3.jpg

Replica ‘News’ – Replica of Cyre Precision Multimcam Combat Suit Series from OPS?!…

8 10 2007

Well, rumuors spreading kinda like year ago, and somehow half year ago it was reported that the stuff was listed on eBay, yet with Crye’s possible action it got disappeared a while. Lately poping out again on eBay again…

 Here are the two links..

a. Combat Pant

b.) combat shirt

Infringment is for sure, well don’t wanan tangle more around this topic. Least to say is, ther e got a little ‘invention’ upon the ‘combat shirt’ design. A flipping map/writing paddy pouche/platform’ on the arms (left I guess, c the pic taken from that eBay link), I do have such a thought to ask for TAG whether they have Crye Precision Multicam color shoulder map pouche when I got their KT color last week. Well, whose on earth could tell this of my stupid idea got further ‘developed’ on the replicated combat shirt. Yes, it’s always easy to develop something upon others platform or so, well, yes. This Ops brand is kinda coming from nowhere, raising up high with Crye Precision ‘authentic fabric’ label, well…seems never ends…

f49b_12.jpg f67c_12.jpg f761_12.jpg

More pics found about Replica Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis

22 09 2007


Pics sent by my friend, clearly protrayed the possibly the same replica of Crye’s Armor Chassis, might be already in a larger production scale. Impressive internal padded foram, qd wiring and locking pannel, double shoulder protector, well well well…missing then i guess is the water tank pouche and a nice FCS style headpiece with internal radio communication system.

Just my personal feeling, it might be quite annoying to contemplate a nice loading upon the system. It’s already kinda bulky, loading on a stacking style might get it more ‘bulkier’ whereby the whole streamlined mid-century knight’s armor feel might be ‘destroyed’ or ‘forfitted’….so so, most of the time I saw the loading are kinda on a simple 1x, possibly leaving the system not that kinda ‘heavy-loading’ even it might be designed on such a way…my 2 cent only.

Couple more shots added, thx for fella from Multicamaddict and with their approval and consent for using these pics. Hay guys, great shot indeed


Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica – Followed

17 09 2007

Pics taken from ebay

Weeks ago an aunction on ebay with tag of “Tranformer Vest’ or so was enlisted, here I got some pics from that auction description, one of the closet detail of the replica darringly to post on ebay for business…

From that you can c the shoulder pattern is quite different, but rest, from the blury images, can still find it relatively detailed. Supposed to be replicating from the real deal? If not, purely from picture, the maker should be some skills. Rumor here in this side of the world saying there might be one more coming, well though I have already reported to Crye already, I would really still like to have a close look of this peace.

Bended softarmor (surely I would bet that’s some kinda of plastic nor armor plate), quite nicely bended to fit the Crye’s armor’s flipping-up style, molded padding insert with some kinda texture as you could see make it look ‘real’, even with shoulder protector (but no ‘King’), some sort of wiring making it speculatively with qd function as the real deal does, I would say, from these pics, is some kinda ‘serious’ clone’ as those found in Korea and Taiwan site. Further so, I would bet, that is the one possibly made my Dirty Dagger as the looks and detail resemble whole much the same. If so, wow, I am sure Crye will talk to DD real soon (or from hearsay that the legal conversation migh be undergoing)

dscn2856_exposure.jpg dscn2860_exposure.jpg dscn2862_exposure.jpg dscn2864_exposure.jpg dscn2865_exposure.jpg dscn2866_exposure.jpg dscn2867_exposure.jpg dscn2869_exposure.jpg 

dscn2870_exposure.jpg dscn2871_exposure.jpg dscn2872_exposure.jpg dscn2873_exposure.jpg dscn2874_exposure.jpg dscn2876.jpg fsc_acu.jpg

New Generation Crye Precision Multicam Amor Get Official?

17 09 2007

Quite not a shock as already expected, some latest photo from Ceradyne revealed that Crye Precision should be producing a new generation armor chasis with a totally new design with less hardpieces like the anti-slipery plastic shoulder pad, quick release plastic side lock mechanism (replace by a verlco design like RAV/CIRAS).Well a bit disappointed, yet, the story behind might be running after a significant cost saving production, then mass production, then a formal full-blown lauch in the entire US Army? Spare my day-dreaming 😛

 Cut the crap, check on the pics then.

 20070915_2d14957db74448ca9baflqtwnpnzmszf.jpg  20070915_b3dd48597c6c79225090lxlba6jyb7qw.jpg  20070915_e7bba96995fe5755c19aoiqb1v9nsiks.jpg crye2.jpg