From tactical to fashion – new line of crye precision multicam collection (Gregory Spear Series in Crye multicam)

6 10 2008

Have you ever felt that all those tactical gear quite heavy for normal daily use? 1000D codura is bit heavy if you load them on your shoulder no matter that’a a Eagle 3 day pack, Sigma, or even Sotech Go bag? That’s why 500D comes to my attention, from the SPEAR series of Gregory outdoor (or streetwear in fact).

All made in USA, but strangely I got the label with Japanese character printed there on. I picked the frag pocket and sling bag. Cause the helmet and the backpack were kinda ‘redunant in my colleciton’. Talking about the backpack, I saw a girl loading it up walking so cool last night. Gee, better ran ahead of her to check out her face…mc lovers? Pretty I wished ūüėõ

The sling bag, suprisingly coming along with some black zipping ‘locker’. Quite rigid in the overall structure, a back pannel supporting the entire shape of the bag. Quite handy for walking and shopping, can insert a normal size notebook computer. Two layers of comparment in general, the first one facing the cover got some more small gadget storage compartment design. Oh top of the cover 10×2 (VxH) molle are ready for your extra mounting, such as, my frag pocket

Perfect for travelling, loading in some wallet, dc, passport of so, the frag pocket comes with an extra sling. Again with some 3×2 (VXH) molle for you to load up some smaller gadget pouche/pocket (either from Gregory or other branded molle pouches).

Crye Gen 1 Armor on ‘my field’

2 08 2008


room clearing

room clearing

Having a dry fire drill with my team, Cap. Alan and few of my core mates trying to practice more on room clearing moves and, surely with some pics taken for our own memorior. In fact, first time for me to gear it up on a rush load-up at night, light as blezze and its ventilation design together with combat shirt function truly reflect that’s a total knock-out of traditional armor design…can’t wondering, if Dragon skin crosses over with crye armor…

Cap alan and I
Cap alan and I


Latest Accquistion – OTTE Multicam Softshell Jacket

18 05 2008

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Having dropped quite a while for the search of multicam gear, thought the rush good fall short for sure…(except gen 2 armor and appareal…), suddenly got a call from my geat gear associate from Magpul PTS, ‘hay man, u want this….”..Freak….mc softshell….how could I miss then…

3 years ago when I got into this toxic mc magic…ve been looking for a good outdoor jacket…Dropzone? Tru Spec? ICE? So many choise my none still could my mind determined to hold one tight. A year ago my friend helpsos got one OTTE hardshell from eBay…but still feel like kina ‘sureal’ for its color not really my cup of tea (hardshell, fabric must be more densed and coated I guess, so leaving it quite of matty that drive my mind away). But this, my friends, simply irresistable!!!

This one from Otte, to me just simply quite of a beauty! Not even my friend really wanna passed it on to me huhhuh! From the first look of the color it already¬†hold your eyes staring at it. Cutting is simply flawlessly to criticise, to the mere me I could say it might be the best one in the market which could really tackle to the harsh and demanding volitale actions you r gonna count on your outfit. Especially the diagonnal stiching on the back, which I would say it’s kinda like a singature of OTTE shofshell (according to Militarymoron there got another name as Alpine Jacket).

So my tinny little review with pics…on to go

The material, as shown in the lable, combined various kinda ‘new tech’ materials. Tweave Durastretch as the under layer. That is a coyote-coloured lining material with thin grey bands and lining, which¬†comes¬†here again with something called X-Static fibers..¬†More about that¬†Durastretch fabric which has something called Nanosphere DWR coating from Schoeller, should be able to give some compatable water resistance function of the jacket. Though I haven’t really got it a wild wet¬†dril but i think it should hold water up on it, pretty much I would expect it could out perform my PCU. (Gee, that would be the first of my cloth in my closet with nanotechnology…:P. Accordingly, the nano tech coating should be able to form a fine layer on the textile or fabric surface.¬† Further it should be more easily for cleaning as oil or those kinda staint like stuff could be easily cleaned or rinsed by water.¬† Further down to the tech , the fabric should be highly abrasion resistance. For specificatoin and characteristic could be found on the labels of the outfit I am gonna show u later (gee, a bunch of tags/labels are coming with this jacket…really a techno combo of modern textile and clothing engineering I guess)

I rather like to have a mc jacket not for real heavy duty action but for casul cool outfit for life indeed. That’s why I keep my hands off to many well-made brands with design and fucntion strongly focus on this area. This OTTE shoftshell just gives me what I want exactly. Its’ hood is built in, can be rolled up and stored inside the collar, quite of a high-rise one which I like most. (Tell me that’s something most of the male fashion jacket is on the hype for).¬† It is not with zipper but on small tips of verclo, very good to me cause fast and flexible.¬† You might find the hood a bit small, wearing with a cap inside or under helmet might be better. But for the big builds with possible big smart head, this might come a bit smally.

There are¬† 2 side entrey chest pockets and 2 sleeve pockets. No complaint at all. Handy, easily accessible. zipper runs smooth and nicely.¬† Two velcro patches on upper sleeve pockets for you to attach whatsoever ID, patches or gadget you fans for. The elbow part should be refinorced, thicker but won’t cause u too much unecessary tension during action. The wrist cuffs are on elastic tab, again, quite of a normal and default detail for every great piece of outdoor jacket I guess. Afterall, it’s a shoftshell, waterproof function with cuffing zealing tabs is a for-sure.

So, just to show some label first, more pics coming




couple more products shots from OTTE


No Paint No Gain – Crye Precision Multicam Water Transfered NDS Cover By Magpul PTS

9 10 2007

Finally, finally contacted with Magpul PTS. Amongst various of their cool and smooth Crye Precision Multicam Water Transfered gears/gadget (or should I say customized service), I picked up their NDS cover first (gee…my gf love to play NDS much, so get it a little gift for her also). Later then if chance prevails, let me report more of their cool stuff here.

Coming here first is the NDS cover, should be easily accessible in many color around the world. Unlike silicon type, this is a hard casing combined with two pieces (upper and lower). Snapping it on your NDS should take no pain from you, but look at it you should feel hurting for not really wanna take it out for any mobile gaming…

Firstly, look at the official multicam logo. Accordingly, a film of Crye Precision Multicam Camo. pattern should be developed on a film negative, following then seemingly wiht some specialized paint pouring into a water tank or so, then your stuff (here is my NDS cover) would be inserted to the tank and let the paint naturally covering up when it was pulled out and let the air does it drying work naturall.

Flat and smooth, no cracks or expoliation, should be quite matty, only flaw I could hardly comment on is, well, my upper cover got no full Crye Precision Multicam color pattern all ‘naminated’ upon. Yet, the bottom one works just fine to me.

 No more mumbo jumbo, here are a few shots freshly taken. Enjoy

dsc01020.JPG dsc01022.JPG dsc01023.JPG dsc01024.JPG

First Time Ever…Crye Precision Multicam Virgin Field Test by…in 2005

27 09 2007

Spare me to record the moments purely by visual

pac-first-mc.jpg imgp2417.jpg imgp2420.jpg imgp2421.jpg

 imgp2434.JPG imgp2448.jpg imgp2441.jpg imgp2435.jpg 

imgp2446.jpg imgp2459.JPG imgp2460.jpg

Aged Old Crye Precision Multicam Collection: HSGI Wasach and bunches of Pouches

25 09 2007


Again, long gone from me…so for a recod to myself

The first tactical vest I have with Crye Precision Multicam Camo is from HSGI (highspeedgear inc). It’s the Wasach Plate Carrier. I would say, it’s still one of the comfortable vest I could ever have chance to try on. Mine was a gen.1 version, back to almost 3 years ago (to come). (Let me try to get back my old pics to check check the date)

Accompanied with are:

TT Universial Pouche


TT Fast Response

Eagle Drop Leg Dump

EGL admin

HSGI pistol

Well, on the road to consolidate my collection, most of them got nicely adopted by my friend HELPSOS, really wish to have a chance to take some new pics with him later.

Amongst most of the Crye Precision Multicam Camo item I have been collecting, I love the laptop case much. It’s from Ebay (probably the ‘reknown’ replica chasis maker Dirty Dagger. Not sure, cause it’s not purchased directly by myself). It’s rather ‘thin’, no padding. But the stiching is okay, solid. Cool for casusal wear (good for those Mil Fashion junkie) Afterall, nicely crafted. I would say, the outlook and size might be better than TT’s laptop case.

Least to mention, those around are little gagdet pouches, well fit for a small Motorola Radio or mobile phone or DC, the other is kinda like a mouse pouche (according to a writen note inserted in the writen case as a ‘product spec’.

Anyway, off to go, cool ya

Aged Old Collection: Crye Precision + Paracelte RAV ; and Eagle Universial Chest Rig

25 09 2007

Well before I could get myself a multicam vest, did have tried to use my Paracelte RAV as a base for setting before. Yes, I picked the idea from Endom’s promo. still shot on their web, so here is my version..

Consider this is almost¬†3 years ago, I would say, it’s just barely okay now…


Crye Base Ball Cap

EGL Furgy admin

HSGI pistol pouches

HSGI universial pouches

Endom M4 Double Double

TT Fast Response

TT vertical

HSGI Hydration 

ICE tactical belt



On field with my buddy ussocom and rest of my hardcore friends, well it’s been almost 3 years…


Some comment

– RAV is such a great and comfortable piece, really wanna find one in Multicam

– HSGI u-pouche line is so great, fair priced, hi-cap, rock-solid for field use with is buckle design. Out look well, up to your personal taste.

– I tried to shape HSGI hydration before, make it like the Crye Chasis backpannel, hahah, so you can say, with lots of potential to develop. Ops/ICE are okay, but to me, Eagle MAP is pretty a good choice.

Eagle Industries: Multicam Universial Chest Rig


Quit like the LBT iconic chest rig 1961A, simple rigid, compact, all-on-one, purely for flexibility and agility. Comfortable shoulder strap, balanced with, 2-4 pistol with 8 m4 mag cap (can install AK mag in fact), more for com set. Fair price and good choice for real aciton. Yet…hahah, gone with the wind to me.

One funny thing to note here is that. (well surely on my mere observation…), the ‘style’ of taking pics from angle that can’t see the user face, or should I say the way to post the gear, guns, cap or so to block out subject’s face is kinda hot amongst a few of hobbies groups once I loadded up these pics. Interesting indeed.