My new home, so to my guns

23 01 2008

Finally finally moved back to my shabby nest, after all those ups and downs , shit and sweat, and lots of money my dear, finally finally I got my place back from the sucker…

 No more rounding to the circle, here are couple of shots which my guns finally got their place to show off. Yes yes yes, those are nothing too complete for much of my stuff still unpacked, but the effect is still okay to me, at least everytime when I come back to my nest, I will still turn the light on and salute to these hybrid for quite some while.

 Again, thx for my gf, without her, my guns can’t find this lovely shinny place to have their humble existence.


 p1020233.jpg p1020239.jpg

 p1020242.jpg p1020243.jpg p1020245.jpg

Gear Up – Crye Multicam Armor Casual Mount Up

1 12 2007

Working on for rennovation project….a fxxking mess but finally seeing some light now…wish me luck.

 Most stuff are in warehouse now, so just can causally load it up for some fun for my own amusement only. (Gee…when can I get back my gear…my home…)

Amazingly light weight, for I haven’t got my sapi plate loaded in the pockets, agile, flexible, what da comfortable pieces. Sad I can’t get my tan 553 back or ….my beloved ta31 ecos…anyway, just to share guys

p1010888.jpg  p1010901.jpg  p1010918.jpg p1010917.jpg 

Grand Finale – Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version)

16 11 2007

I got it, I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it,I got it!!!!

Yes, my quest on the road of Crye Precision Multicam Collection ends with the perfect note! I got the Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis (SAPI Version).

“The road is long, and many winding turns”, man, I barely wanna cry now!!!!!

Don’t ask me how much, don’t ask me how I get it, don’t ask me how many cheats and lies there are within and beyond, don’t ask me! From the very begining to now, just a simple whims, in between, so many shitty ups and downs, I realize a much more deeper thing behind the whole quest chassing after this little dream. I made some new friend, some bad friends, some jerks and some real geardos….

But somehow, I need to thank you my gf, without her, I simply won’t be able to go for this quest.

Just taking some casual shots, later than to get some serious posting.

Share to all who love this great piece.


dsc01036.jpg dsc01037.jpg  dsc01042.jpg 

dsc01043.jpg dsc01041.jpg

Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger – Followed

1 11 2007

 3c35_1.jpg This is the picture! Accordingly he got this from DD’s Ebay online store which was listed originally for selling the shoulder armor protector replica, but this pic with clear watermark unleased he got the replica vest for sales (surely coming then many fellas got the replica armor from around the globe)

I am trying to borrow from my friend, which accordingly, he also got one from UK. Later then i will try to cover more detail if I got it.

Another hearsay is that, DD had changed names and brand to keep working on the project, but no confirmation so far.

The very origin of my Crye Precision Multicam Quest…

25 09 2007

It’s because these, I guess from this possible promo shots, bingo, I got the MC shot.

Ever wondering I could locate such a great helmet, the chassis and even the prototype rifle designed also by Crye…gee…when could my quest get to the end??

  tom-clancys-ghost-recon-advanced-warfighter-20060210052144755.jpg tom-clancys-ghost-recon-advanced-warfighter-20060210052149458.jpg

Oh my god..”weakest link” of Crye Precision Multicam Combat Shirt

21 09 2007

Bumped in with this video in youtube, not sure what da hell in the first place…a bunch of nicely loaded mc airsofters kinda…executing their fella in an open ground (gee what had he done…?!)…possibly with 5-8 ppls shooting to that poor guy…well still can hold myself up…but once he fllipped up his combat shirt up…HMFSxxxxxxx….those reddish bumpy grouping brutally marked on the skin…whatdafxxxk…

Okay…I like their setting, the MICH with the ESS google shine togther as expected, not sure what earpiece the poor fella is using, overall quite a a nice team (but I won’t fight with them for sure…oh my God, they are so mean…hahah).

So much so, the very delicate and heat-syn like Combat Shirt fabric could assure you a very sensitive outfitting, not just to the heat, to your skin, but to any gaming projectile throwing all over you (I kinda saw a guy charging up to give the poor guy a a 203 pop…)

A bit more, reaffirm the reasons behind why the modern armor design would focus more on the side armor pocket….(one of the best selling tactical nylon of blackhawk is their molle side armor pocket, many operatives on Iraq riding on HUMVE prefered it much for possible protection of RGP/bullets firing from R/L size)…Go find yourself a piece of fake aromr locking into your vest pals…

Second Generation Crye Precision Multicam Gear (Armor & Combat Suits) – Glance@ 2007 shot whow

6 08 2007

no chance to go to shotshow…so leaving me crazily searchng over the net before, during and after each year shotshow. This year the same, got some web glance for this great piece. Originally from a web streaming footage, forgot the name (sorry). Anyhow, this great piece is accordingly, the second generation covers:1. New Combat Shirt and Pant ; and 2. New Design of the legndary Armor Chassis.

For  The New Gen Combat Shirt/Pants

– Fabric changed, more elastic material used (in fact, the actual prototype of 2nd generation combat shirt/pant was tested during a Marine field test…actually got recorded in Future Weapons (Discovery Channel). This one was firstly seen by the media/participants in 2007 shotshow. Surely to me this is a cost-driven production, leaving the complicated 3D design and the large long zipper of Gen I combat pant aside (useless, I can tell you it won’t help you much during your backyard EMERGENCY!). But seemingly this one should be more flexible, especially when bending and kneeling (the Gen 1 pant iconic keenpad is so large, when you keen and bend forward it would pull the fabric so tight alongside the knee section).

 Also near the waist side, the flexible design might get the user a more comfortable feel. BTW, the tan color tone should help CP to bid in the US tender (if any) with a more compatitive and less controversial pricing.

 2) For the chassis

Surely the dissapperance of the thick rubber shoulder pad finally gone with the wind (so sad). In exchange, a ligher weight, more diamond shaped, and should be more ‘CIRAS’ like vest was developed. Seeeming the previous mid-century knight’s armor kinda design was replaced with a more modern, and should I say conventional (nowadays) structual design. Might be the ventilation concept was gone, in exchange a more ligher (the real Gen 1 is quite heavy, to me) and above all, less pricely loading platform was born. Some hereasy that might be a civilian version, well..(I c many us marines in Transformer geared up so cool to fight against the evil robot…).

Well, the truth is always out there…in the future

 chasis01.jpg  chasis02.jpg chasis02a.jpg  chasis03.jpg


combatpantsgen2eb6.jpg new-combat-pant01.jpg new-combat-pant01a.jpg

 new-combat-pant2.jpg new-combat-pant4.jpg