Secret Revaled: Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger

1 11 2007

All I can say is, this is highly impossible! For the overall structure, the replica is almost the same as the real one (though I don’t have one!) So what? I have been living with the real one’s pictures almost every day ever since it came to haunt my mind, my soul!

Cut the crap, let’s move on…

dsc01052.jpg dsc01050.jpg dsc01046.jpg dsc01047.jpg dsc01051.jpg

1) Let’s look at the internal compartment first. 8 pieces of inner padding! Same as real. Just a glance you wont’ be able to tell those tinny little contour of the padding is actually crafted by stiching. Must have lots of work done there. Though unlike the real one crafted by some, well, natural forming molding work or as said by one of my friend, using ultra sound to shape the inner plastic foam to build it, the internal compartment of this replica does impress me.

2) Further, take a look of the inner wiring. Unlike the real one which has certain individual plastic ‘8’ shapped wiring-locking device holding all the wire and bungee lining in place for flexibility adjustment, this pieces used a, rather low-ended, nylon-buckle, to replicating the function of that black plastic lock. Well for a replica…can’t expect much….(or never can expect at all)

3)Look  at the black pannel, there got a strange label. Not DD, it is ‘Specgear’. Not sure what’s all about!.

4) Here comes the front pannel then, oh, QD plastic lock. Quite impressive, it can really move right or left, the little nylot belt firmly slotting in the the gap of the plastic lock holding it tight and right. But the color is not the “FDE” as the real deal, so much so, it’s pretty close.

5) Note the little black label on the front pannel plate pocket, this is, accordingly, a signature label of DD (but I got other gears from DD without this label, those, on the other hands, with clear characters of ‘made by dirty dagger’).

6) The shoulder pad! Gen 2, prototype, or whatsoever, I don’t know. I just know this ‘DD” armor’s shoulder pad, impressed me much. Compared back with the snaps taken from FCS promo. or illustration clip, it’s pretty much the same. Touch it, look at it, I do think the material is quite close to the real deal. Surely again I don’t own the genuine, but I think, this piece, is stunningly too close to the real one.

Afterwards, I do think this replica, should be copied from the real one. I meant, the guy who make this must have a real Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chasis on hand or, he must have some detail design or parts illustration.

Well, enough eye-ball actitivities, let me try to gear on it later to let myself feel about it


Crye Precision Multicam Armor Replica by DirtyDagger – Followed

1 11 2007

 3c35_1.jpg This is the picture! Accordingly he got this from DD’s Ebay online store which was listed originally for selling the shoulder armor protector replica, but this pic with clear watermark unleased he got the replica vest for sales (surely coming then many fellas got the replica armor from around the globe)

I am trying to borrow from my friend, which accordingly, he also got one from UK. Later then i will try to cover more detail if I got it.

Another hearsay is that, DD had changed names and brand to keep working on the project, but no confirmation so far.

2nd generation Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis

28 10 2007

Thx for Mr. gunfighter from multicamadict pointing me to check on time from Militaryphotos, I was shocked!. Not because I haven’t been onto the news, pics about the story of new generation (or second gen. you might like to say) Crye Precision Armor system, it’s simply because this is the first time with such kinda clarity and detailed pictures protraying the gen. 2 armor well before anything official publicized from Crye.

Not more mumbo, shoot you the pics from militarphoto first

originaleu0.jpg 87798017yw4.jpg 87798021zw1.jpg

87798024lk5.jpg 87798031fc6.jpg

As suggested by the folks in militaryphotos forum, these pics got none of Crye Precision’s Multicam branded plastic tag, and, you may argue also, there got little green Crype Precision label too, so it’s not real? Well I can’t tell for sure at this moment (or at anymoment?!)But what I wanna say is, these pics seems to me this 2nd gen piece does follow the line and direction from gen 1, improvement was made on a few feature I personally feel so, such as…
– the use of plastic buckle to hold the shoulder band and the two (right/left) back pannel, rather using back the metal ‘tag’ or ‘nail’ make it more resillent and solid
– no more qd socket lock pannel used, replacing with verlco either can reduce the ‘mis’ compoent, or somehow leaving lesser weight? Compared with gen 1, 1 thread of wire, the plastic socket and lock, and the adjustable lining thread all got taken out– the extra ‘molle’ on the inner part of the back pannel, right on the middle of the adjustable lining system, now provides a mid-section holding mechanism to balance out the possible unecessary wavery of the left/right pannel, stablizing the entire system?!

– the use of cumberband, extending from the inner slot of the right/left side plate elongating back to front cover slip, giving the vest with more ‘grip’ to hold the left and right section for users with more forward ‘holding/tightening force’, so much so, it won’t rock like hell as in the movie of Transformer?

– take out the metal ‘buckle’ for the front/back plate pocket, lessening the overall weight?

– the shoulder pad, with the use of inner nylon belt attaching from below, leaving it maintained with the flexibility the original armor shoulder design wishes to provide but more easier to gear up now?

– just noted that the internal black ‘wiring-spacer’ nylon thread is built as a one large piece, unlike the gen. 1 which were crafted as individual little threading; surely another cost-control adjustment

Below are pics from ShotShow this year (2007), I think the displayed one is the same of above.

mc5.jpg mc3.jpg

No Paint No Gain – Crye Precision Multicam Water Transfered SIG 552 By Magpul PTS

25 10 2007

What can I say? I am speechless, I want it, I need it. I have been longing for one Sig 552, but now, I simply can’t stop myself, I am going to get it now now now….

Why on earth I am so edgy? Check this out.

From my friend Dave the Massive


More detail background on Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis presented by NDIA – SPIES

25 10 2007

Those who are really on to the topic of multicam and FCS should have well researched on the FCS concept, downloaded tons of pics of Crye Multicam Armor, drewling with mouthful full of water whisming a day would come with the holly bless for having such a piece. But do you want to know more about its function and design? Of course a bit more research on the net, or go to Crye Precision web ( could you soon be presented more detail of the Armor’s design philosophy. But how about having a direct presentation by NDIA personnel? Here I come across a presentation file prepared by Ms. Stephanie Castellani –Natick Soldier Center, sharing on the design and concept of Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment System within FCS on the topic of  NDIA Chemical Biological Individual Protection, or also known as SPIES (Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment System). In fact, the Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis is simply the very embodiment of SPIES

Do you know the Crye Precision Combat Suit / Pant System is designed as inflammable? What temp they could resist?

Do you know how much the Crye Precision Combat Shirt/Pant weight? (Form a peice to the entire FCS uniform / bdu system); how about the Multicam Armor Chasis plus the belt? How did they test the effectivness of the Multi Environment Pattern?

If you wanan know, take a look here

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis2.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis1.jpg 

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis5.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis-test.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis01.jpg

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis-test1.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis6.jpg  spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis7.jpg

No Paint No Gain – Crye Precision Multicam Water TransferedBy Lakota Industries

25 10 2007

Found another serious multicam dipping service from this company called Lakota Industries, contact detail listed below. Gee, look at the big mc chopper and the G36 and M4RIS, awesome…need to make up my mind to go for one….

Enjoy pics from Lakota as attached

100_0606.jpg 100_0619.jpg  100_06221.jpg 

100_06231.jpg lakota3.jpg lakota4.jpg

Contact Info
Dick Williamson, CEO
Phone:     (937) 376-9343
Fax:     (202) 330-4552

Daniel Obrovac, CFO
Phone:     (937) 376-9343
Fax:     (202) 330-4552

No Paint No Gain – Crye Precision Multicam Water Transfered NDS Cover By Magpul PTS

9 10 2007

Finally, finally contacted with Magpul PTS. Amongst various of their cool and smooth Crye Precision Multicam Water Transfered gears/gadget (or should I say customized service), I picked up their NDS cover first (gee…my gf love to play NDS much, so get it a little gift for her also). Later then if chance prevails, let me report more of their cool stuff here.

Coming here first is the NDS cover, should be easily accessible in many color around the world. Unlike silicon type, this is a hard casing combined with two pieces (upper and lower). Snapping it on your NDS should take no pain from you, but look at it you should feel hurting for not really wanna take it out for any mobile gaming…

Firstly, look at the official multicam logo. Accordingly, a film of Crye Precision Multicam Camo. pattern should be developed on a film negative, following then seemingly wiht some specialized paint pouring into a water tank or so, then your stuff (here is my NDS cover) would be inserted to the tank and let the paint naturally covering up when it was pulled out and let the air does it drying work naturall.

Flat and smooth, no cracks or expoliation, should be quite matty, only flaw I could hardly comment on is, well, my upper cover got no full Crye Precision Multicam color pattern all ‘naminated’ upon. Yet, the bottom one works just fine to me.

 No more mumbo jumbo, here are a few shots freshly taken. Enjoy

dsc01020.JPG dsc01022.JPG dsc01023.JPG dsc01024.JPG