2nd generation Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis

28 10 2007

Thx for Mr. gunfighter from multicamadict pointing me to check on time from Militaryphotos, I was shocked!. Not because I haven’t been onto the news, pics about the story of new generation (or second gen. you might like to say) Crye Precision Armor system, it’s simply because this is the first time with such kinda clarity and detailed pictures protraying the gen. 2 armor well before anything official publicized from Crye.

Not more mumbo, shoot you the pics from militarphoto first

originaleu0.jpg 87798017yw4.jpg 87798021zw1.jpg

87798024lk5.jpg 87798031fc6.jpg

As suggested by the folks in militaryphotos forum, these pics got none of Crye Precision’s Multicam branded plastic tag, and, you may argue also, there got little green Crype Precision label too, so it’s not real? Well I can’t tell for sure at this moment (or at anymoment?!)But what I wanna say is, these pics seems to me this 2nd gen piece does follow the line and direction from gen 1, improvement was made on a few feature I personally feel so, such as…
– the use of plastic buckle to hold the shoulder band and the two (right/left) back pannel, rather using back the metal ‘tag’ or ‘nail’ make it more resillent and solid
– no more qd socket lock pannel used, replacing with verlco either can reduce the ‘mis’ compoent, or somehow leaving lesser weight? Compared with gen 1, 1 thread of wire, the plastic socket and lock, and the adjustable lining thread all got taken out– the extra ‘molle’ on the inner part of the back pannel, right on the middle of the adjustable lining system, now provides a mid-section holding mechanism to balance out the possible unecessary wavery of the left/right pannel, stablizing the entire system?!

– the use of cumberband, extending from the inner slot of the right/left side plate elongating back to front cover slip, giving the vest with more ‘grip’ to hold the left and right section for users with more forward ‘holding/tightening force’, so much so, it won’t rock like hell as in the movie of Transformer?

– take out the metal ‘buckle’ for the front/back plate pocket, lessening the overall weight?

– the shoulder pad, with the use of inner nylon belt attaching from below, leaving it maintained with the flexibility the original armor shoulder design wishes to provide but more easier to gear up now?

– just noted that the internal black ‘wiring-spacer’ nylon thread is built as a one large piece, unlike the gen. 1 which were crafted as individual little threading; surely another cost-control adjustment

Below are pics from ShotShow this year (2007), I think the displayed one is the same of above.

mc5.jpg mc3.jpg

More detail background on Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis presented by NDIA – SPIES

25 10 2007

Those who are really on to the topic of multicam and FCS should have well researched on the FCS concept, downloaded tons of pics of Crye Multicam Armor, drewling with mouthful full of water whisming a day would come with the holly bless for having such a piece. But do you want to know more about its function and design? Of course a bit more research on the net, or go to Crye Precision web (www.cryeprecision.com) could you soon be presented more detail of the Armor’s design philosophy. But how about having a direct presentation by NDIA personnel? Here I come across a presentation file prepared by Ms. Stephanie Castellani –Natick Soldier Center, sharing on the design and concept of Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment System within FCS on the topic of  NDIA Chemical Biological Individual Protection, or also known as SPIES (Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment System). In fact, the Crye Precision Multicam Armor Chassis is simply the very embodiment of SPIES

Do you know the Crye Precision Combat Suit / Pant System is designed as inflammable? What temp they could resist?

Do you know how much the Crye Precision Combat Shirt/Pant weight? (Form a peice to the entire FCS uniform / bdu system); how about the Multicam Armor Chasis plus the belt? How did they test the effectivness of the Multi Environment Pattern?

If you wanan know, take a look here

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis2.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis1.jpg 

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis5.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis-test.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis01.jpg

spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis-test1.jpg spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis6.jpg  spie-crye-precision-multicam-armor-chasis7.jpg

Early “Proof’ on US Army Testing Crye Precision Multicam BDU

21 09 2007

Almost 2 years ago, a low res. pic was posted on ar15.com tactics and gear thread, claiming as a possible ‘proof’ of US Army to test Crye Precision Multicam by some of the …

“…some selected ODA & Delta operators have been seen using Crye MC’s in the sandbox. Note below mixing in with Marine Scout Snipers in the field..”

Well I don’t know, really don’t know, but years later I sunddenly got this pic from a Philipino forum, high rest, well, the rest, is all up to you then…afterall, with those pics from the field test of Future Combat Systems (FCS) program held at Ft. Benning, final verdict should be established I think…


Another great shots of Crye Precision Multicam Armor System

18 09 2007

Found on the site of digitalblast, the very techno web hole about alll sort of gadget found by Dutch De Gay, FCS advisor, who also happened to provide consultation to the making of the FCS demo video and various renown FCS-based console game like GRAW and GR. Herein his site there got some nice shot of the Crye Armor.

 The first one showed, I belive is, the pototype of the gen. 2 Crye Armor (also check out the black one on the right). It was takend when Mr. Gay working the America’s Army video game booth at E3 ’05 (oh years…)


The second one was taken when Mr. Gay working as a Technical Advisor/Actor for U.S. Army video. Check out the helmet, should be the one protrayed in the FCS video of overview (the very first one), surely I guess.


Crye Precision Multicam Gear Official field Test (Phase Two FCS)

7 08 2007

what can I say? so many multicam gears, armor travelling all around ( I wish I could have one). Great gear, great test, phase 2 FCS field test combined with both hardware and software, full grown concept of fighting while staying connected everytime.

Full bunches of armor chasis, range vest, combat suits, what can I say. US Army is really something, so resourcesful, meticulous on testing. 360 handset control (well as a diehard fan of GRAW, more than thrilled to see this handset was used on the field), any MUE and STORM behind the cam?

fudamental – multicam????

19 04 2007

MultiCam is a modern multi-environment camouflage pattern developed by Crye Associates in conjunction with U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (also known as U.S Army Natick labs). Crye Associates does not currently have a contract to produce MultiCam for any US military service, but MultiCam is featured heavily in the U.S. Army “Future Force Warrior” program, and can be seen in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, gee my utmost favourite xbox game ever


us army fcs program promotion footage – full suit in multicam

19 04 2007

Headknocking, thrilled, kinda hollywood style promotional footage, full set of multicam gear-up and action.


 http://www4.army.mil/amp/common/ … imovieid=451&f=